Christian Brothers Brandy / Student Campaign

Is the best solution usually the easiest one? Can bottom-shelf brandy be smooth? If a man is not only your half-brother but also your first cousin, can he be your best friend as well?


Ever since they were young, Tristan and Christian Christian have been setting course records on the path of least resistance. Together they make up the Christian Brothers, two dudes who live like cheap brandy tastes.











A successful social media campaign requires people dedicated to posting at all hours of the day and a willingness to work hard knowing full well all your effort may go completely unnoticed. The Christian Brothers aren't gonna do any of that. But they will post exactly one (1)  YouTube cover of Smooth, Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas' 1997 Grammy-winning collaboration, each day from now until the end of time. Here's a compilation of some of the best ones: