I am a lifelong UVa. basketball fan.

After a lifetime of futility, they were 10 minutes away from the Final Four, with a 15-point lead on 10th seeded Syracuse.

It would be our first Final Four since seven years BEFORE I was born

Then I blinked, and UVa. had somehow allowed a 25-4 run.

I never wanted to hear about basketball again.


Which is why we created the Sore Loser Chrome Extension.



Here how it works:


Would I normally read an article about roller blading dads and world records?


Would I appreciate an article about roller blading dads that kept me from having  

flashbacks to Jim Boeheim's smug face as he cut down the nets?


 Before                                After

 Before                                After

 Before                                After

with Sara Carr, UNC fan/fellow Sore Loser