People don't stop injuring themselves after 5 pm.  If anything, they do it more often.
PatientFirst is a chain of urgent care/primary care facilities.  We wanted to go outside of their existing customer base, and remind people with a different Primary Care Physician than PatientFirst is available when their regular doctor is not.



What's the first thing you do after you get hurt?  Try to self-diagnose, of course!


We wanted to create direct mail that could possibly be of some use.



In search of inspiration, we asked the Brandcenter-wide Facebook group for a couple examples of bizarre ways they had injured themselves.  We expected 3-4 replies.  Instead, over half the school responded.  Some highlights:

What we learned:

1. Brandcenter students are incredibly clumsy and/or foolish.

2. People really like telling other people about their strange injuries.

Based off of these "insights," we created the #PatientFirstAwards.  Facebook users could create a Life Event post, with a description of their most bizarre injury, and affix the hashtag #PatientFirstAwards.

The people with the best stories would be mailed a 3d-printed trophy, featuring a golden band-aid,

commemorating their excellence in the field of doing dumb shit to themselves.