Over the last ten years, sales of premium boxed wine in the United States have exploded.  Also in the last decade, board games for adults have grown from a nerdy pastime into a full-blown phenomenon.  People often play these games at a kitchen table, over drinks.

                               So in the interest of making the 'booze-buying -> booze-drinking -> game-playing                                   ->accusing-your-friend-Stephen-of-moving-pieces-while-you-were-peeing' process as streamlined as possible,             we created Bota Board.


Combining 4 bottles' worth of wine with a Settlers of Catan-esque strategy game for 4-6 players, each variety of Bota Board would come with its own unique game, where players compete to build the most successful vineyard in unforgiving terrain.

  Players will try to create thriving vineyards inside a biodome on a Martian colony, within vacant plots of land in the 2087 version of Detroit, or on top of barges in some melted-icecaps, Waterworld-esque scenario.




We took inspiration from some of the most popular board games and built a fully-functioning prototype of Grapes in Space, the grapes-in-the-geodome scenario.  By the end of our first hour testing the game, we had built an elaborate web of secret alliances, insider trading, and retaliation. Everyone was kinda angry at one another.

Which is exactly what we were hoping for.


With Sara Carr