For 25 years, ROSMY has served as community center and support group for Richmond-area LGBTQ youth.    

In December, they approached the Brandcenter for help with a new name and identity, as they felt the original name no longer encapsulated everything they did as an organization.

                                     The old ROSMY logo

                                     The old ROSMY logo

We found that, in its 25th year of existence, ROSMY was not only a youth support center, but also functioned as an agent of empowerment for LGBTQ youth.  The current and former members we heard speak all mentioned how they drew strength from the solidarity ROSMY provided.  With that in mind, we proposed a new identity.


We chose the name Side by Side to reflect the supportive nature of the relationships formed through ROSMY, and to also give donors and supporters a more tangible sense of what their contributions do to help.


Out of the six teams that presented, the board of ROSMY selected our name and identity, and will be implementing it in the fall.


with Sean O'Connor, Matt Terrell, Jacob Huber